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You are watching 316 PLC (TM) Health Cookware Versatile WOK Set. High quality 316Ti Stainless Steel with Ti + Mo(Titanum and Molybdenum).

Steam Whistle with on/off switch. Use smaller cookware as a dome cover to the large cookware.

Easy to grip and the cover can be stored on the handle. Cook Book(English, Korean & Spanish). 11 Wok & Cover(180X60 mm).

316 PLC in engineered and constructed of the the finest quality materials in the industry. We combine Surgical Stainless(316 L) all 7 ply full body construction, an engineered moisture seal, a easy on-off whistle, and some of the heaviest cover steel available to create a complete cooking system. This is not just another set of pots and pans.

316 PLC cookware provides excellent heat conduction, a non-reactive surface that will not leach metals or chemicals into your food, and a minimum-moisture method of preparation. This state-of-the-art cooking system ensures highly nutritious foods that are flavorful and tender. "316PLC" is the best healthy cookware! 1 All 7-layered structure using new materials: 316PLC products are made of a 7-layer structure that uses a combination of aluminum, which has high heat conductivity, and a new type of stainless steel, which has high functionality. Experience the amazing heat efficiency, the delicious taste trapped within your dishes, and the unending self-improvement and luxury that these products provide you with.

2 New materials of impressive functionality: 316PLC products contain two types of stainless steel that offer high functionality. Also known as surgical stainless steel, it is often used in medical instruments. By using this advanced material with world-class resistance to corrosion, 316PLC. Has succeeded in creating cookware that boasts long-lived performance. This steel is very hard and resistant to corrosion, and thus maintains a gloss and luster that is second to none.

Has cleverly used this material on the surface to make its products strong against hits, scratches, and corrosion. Ferritic Steel is used for the best heat efficency with IH, Gas, Electric and Hallogen Cooktop. 3 Whistle with on/off steam valve: 316PLC products come installed with ultra-sensitive steam sensors that catch the steam produced when the contents of the pot start to boil, which triggers a whistle that attracts your attention wherever you are. The high heat efficiency of the 316PLC products allows you to simply close the whistle and set your heat source to low following the sound of the alarm, thus being more energy efficient and eco-friendly while avoiding the risks of the contents overflowing.

4 Water sealing effect(Vacuum effect): Much steam is created during cooking. 316PLC products have been intelligently designed so that this steam accumulates between the pot and the lid, creating a layer of water that seals off the inside from the outside and does not allow heat or moisture to escape. This helps create an ideal cooking atmosphere within the pot, and makes it possible to cook without excess heat, water, or pressure.

5 Increased simplicity and speed: The high heat tolerance and hardness of the materials used make 316PLC products less likely to char and dent. Such toughness makes cooking with and tidying of these pots and pans faster and easier. They are bound to make your everyday life in the kitchen more fun and stylish.

Enhance taste, maintain nutritional value, and be eco-friendly all at once with these professional and durable pots and pans. The 316PLC uses intelligent technology to make the most of the liquids contained in vegetables, allowing you to cook without excess water and thus preventing the escape of vitamins and minerals that are susceptible to water and heat. Such efficient cooking comes from the high heat conductivity and moisture-retaining qualities that these pots and pans boast. These features are essential not only for cooking that is healthy to your body but also for cooking that is healthy to the environment, as they allow for more speed and energy efficiency in the kitchen. These pots and pans are multifunctional too.

For example, if you use a smaller size pot as a lid for a larger size pot, these two works together to function as an oven. The high heat conductivity will no doubt make this little oven a valuable partner of yours as you cook grilled dishes and desserts. Pots with Two Handles: A medium-sized pot with two handles that is useful for cooking curry, stew, and other boiled dishes. Comes with a lid, which makes it easy to cook steamed foods as well.

Frying Pans: A useful frying pan that can also be used as a shallow pot. In addition to stir-fries and such, use this pot to cook sauces and soups, and speed up and optimize your cooking experience!

In response to the increasing trend of making all parts of the house, including the kitchen, electric, IH cooking heaters have enjoyed tremendous popularity in USA, with annual sales increasing by one million products. We are looking for business and sales partners for our IH-recommended original cookware. Non-surgical stainless steel cookware - Poor heat distributions - Must use oil or water - Hard to clean - Food can stick and burn. Non Stick-coated cookware - Will typically scratch, chip, and flake - Most brands are not dishwasher safe - Can leach chemicals into your food - Not recommended to use on high heat - Fumes from overheated pans can be harmful.

Aluminum Cookware - Very soft metal can pit and warp - Can leach into your food when cooking acidic foods, such as tomato sauce - Many brands are not dishwasher safe. 316 PLC, Quality for a lifetime and more! Other healthy cookware with quality, design and features. We gaurantee 316PLC is the world best Health cookware ever!! Add a map to your own listings.

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  • Model: 316Ti PLC
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Material: Titanium Stainless Steel
  • Brand: 316 PLC
  • Type: Cookware Set
  • Features: Dishwasher Safe